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Carolinas - October 4, 2023

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Here are the highlights from the meeting.

Committee reports:
Education committee has invited Brad McCoy to speak at our next meeting. That committee needs to get dates for events and ideas. The committee has not met in a couple of months.

Social committee is having two hangs. One in Raleigh and one in Asheville.

All committees need to have ideas for fundraising and sponsorships. Each committee has a budget that was suggested by Liz.

Old Business:

NC Music Educators Association is hosting their in-service conference, and Howie Ledford and Fred Johnson are speaking at this conference.

New Business

There was much discussion about the upcoming conference, and there was a form that was sent out to the membership to see who was going to be there, and if everyone wanted to have a get together near the event.

Scott Wynne is working on the beginning of a research project pertaining to Master's degrees in Audio Engineering. This should be prove to be interesting.

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