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Argentina - November 7, 2023

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Between November 7 and 9, CAPER SHOW 2023, the flagship event of the Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers and Integrators of Professional Audiovisual Equipment (CAPER), took place. It was aimed at professionals in broadcasting, cable, satellite, cinema, lighting, and audio, featuring an equipment exhibition and a comprehensive technical-academic program with training sessions, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and talks.
In collaboration with AES and Genelec, supported by Dolby, the Latin American educational tour on immersive audio, the AES/GENELEC Latam Immersive Tour, visited major cities such as São Paulo, Lima, Quito, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires in November.
The AES Argentina Section managed the professional audio-related academic program. This included curating training sessions in the Immersive Audio Room and conducting three specific training sessions in the largest auditorium at the Costa Salguero Exhibition Center. AES Argentina also had an institutional stand and organized the Closing Ceremony in the context of the 75th Anniversary of AES.
Inside the Immersive Audio Room (Auditorium 1), notable talks covered workflows for music mixing in Dolby Atmos, 3D audio technologies, and applications of immersive audio in various fields. The agenda featured renowned speakers such as Iván Markovic, Fernando Richard, Daniel Hernández, Eugenio Taboada, Carla Gatica, Nicolás Álvarez, Facundo Bogarin, Natalia Perelman, and a panel moderated by Miguel Domínguez.
On the last day, the world premiere of "Habitar la Piedra," an immersive audio piece composed by Jorge Chikiar, took place. Professor Indio Gauvron conducted a MasterClass on system calibration, and professionals Flavio Nogueira and Francisco Bissone explored the preparation of sessions for mixing in Dolby Atmos.
In Auditorium 3, topics included sound design for the film "Argentina 1985," mixing and post-production tools based on artificial intelligence, and technical and artistic methods in the use of compression.
The Institutional Stand, present throughout the event, featured members of the AES Argentina Committee and welcomed Wesley "Wes" Dooley, former AES President. The closing ceremony on November 9 highlighted the 75th anniversary of AES, with recognitions and reflections on the future. Distinguished guests, including Mercedes Onorato, Andrés Mayo, Oscar Bonello, Indio Gauvron, Ramon Gallo, and Ezequiel Morfi, received Diplomas of Honor. Gratitude was expressed for the outstanding organization of CAPER SHOW.
In summary, the event celebrated the convergence of industry professionals, students, teachers, and researchers. It showcased advancements in immersive audio technologies and laid the groundwork for future collaborations and innovations in audio engineering.

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