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Argentina - October 7, 2023

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On Saturday, October 7th, AES Argentina made a notable contribution to the Music Production Seminar organized by the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory. During the event, the institution was present with a promotional booth and provided support to local audio equipment entrepreneurs and manufacturers, including Guerrilla Audio Store, Kulturmm Audio Lab, Bucci Clásicos, Quagliardi Audio, Cluster, among others.
The AES Argentina delegation included members of the institution, including President Gustavo González, Vice President Christian Paladino, Secretary Ezequiel Kosiner Blanco, and the active collaborator and professor, Indio Gauvron.
AES Argentina went beyond institutional promotion at the booth and actively participated in other key activities during the event. As part of the closing session of the exhibition and the Music Production Seminar, the AES President, Vice President, and Secretary took part in a panel discussion on National Production. This panel featured student representatives, educators, studio equipment entrepreneurs, and manufacturers of audio equipment and musical instruments of national origin.
The panel discussion on National Production led to significant agreements and collaborations. Action plans and joint strategies were established to enhance the scientific dissemination of audio at the national level. This involves strengthening collaboration between the academic community, the audio industry, and manufacturers of domestically produced equipment, all with the aim of promoting the development of music production and high-quality equipment in Argentina.
AES Argentina's participation in the Music Production Seminar at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory was a success, not only in terms of institutional promotion but also in fostering collaboration and the development of music production and the audio industry in the country. The institution remains committed to supporting and strengthening the audio community in Argentina and promoting excellence in the field of music production

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