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Japan - September 23, 2023

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Japan section held the annual tutorial seminar in Tokyo. This tutorial seminar started as a part of the AES Japan Section Regional Convention in 2009 and continued as a yearly Tutorial Seminar since 2010 by strong requests from the section members. It has been 14 years since the first gathering, and it has grown to be one of the most successful events organized by the section. The event was held online from 2020 to 2022, but this year we were able to make it an in-person event for the first time in four years.

The tutorial lectures were given in two tracks over two full days (Sep 23 and 24). This year, we opened 11 tutorial lectures of various domains centered at Audio Engineering. The lectures and lecturers are: Introduction to Sound (Kazuma Hoshi), Auditory Systems and Perception (Akira Nishimura)*, Digital Signal Processing (Yuko Watanabe), Electro-Acoustics (Yoshitaka Tamura), Room Acoustics (Masataka Nakahara), Perceptual Audio Evaluation (Atsushi Marui), Practical Digital Audio Processing (Hisaharu Suzuki), Loudspeaker Designs (Shinji Koyano), Microphone Designs (Kazuho Ono), Principles in Stereo Recording (Toru Kamekawa), and Technical Communications in English (Hiroaki Suzuki). (* were presented online)

The attendees received a set of PDF files collection with all the lecture materials used in the tutorial seminar. The seminar is a great opportunity for the experienced members to refresh and update the knowledge and for the rookies in audio engineering to discover and head-started in new areas of expertise. Because AES members have several merits such as advanced registration, this occasion is also an excellent chance for the section to recruit new members. The meeting was well attended with 37 registrations and 10 organizers.

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