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Japan - September 8, 2023

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"VSVerb" is a 4p scene-based sampling reverberation technology that reproduces the 3D reverberations of the original sound field from the impulse response measured by an A-format microphone. Although an A-format microphone is used for measurement, ambisonics techniques are not used to reproduce the reverberation. Using sound intensity analysis technology, VSVerb produces 4p scene-based reverberation by extracting virtual sound sources from the original sound field. Therefore, unlike conventional sampling reverb that measures directional impulse responses, it is possible to reproduce only the original sound field's atmosphere without including the measurement equipment's characteristics or background noise. Also, since it is a 4p scene-based reverberation, it can be decoded to any playback channel format, including binaural format.
In the first half of the meeting, the developer, Dr. Nakahara (ONFUTURE), presented the technical overview of "VSVerb" and one of its application examples, "VSVerb Virtual Mic Array." Sound demonstrations of the 5.0.4ch Virtual Mic Array were reproduced at the venue and in the webinar via 2ch binaural playback. In the second half, Mr. Yamazaki (Tac System) and Mr. Tanaka (ONKIO HAUS) presented the development of the plug-in software "ONKIO Acoustics" as part of their efforts to archive the acoustics of the legendary studios using VSVerb technology. They have archived the room acoustics of the legendary recording booths, Studio No.1 and Studio No.2 of ONKIO HAUS, where many famous Japanese musicians have loved and have recorded many albums. The final result of the archive project was provided by the original plug-in software "ONKIO Acoustics," which implements the VSVerb reverb engine. Mr. Nakauchi then performed sound demonstrations by switching the plug-in on and off and varying its miking and timbre parameters.
In the following question-and-answer session, the audience and webinar participants deepened their understanding of the difference between VSVerb and the conventional sampling reverb which uses measured directional impulse responses.

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