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New York - July 12, 2023

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1. Panel at Eastside Sounds
- August 16 at 4pm
- Andres Pollak & Roey Shamir moderating
- Finalizing final attendee number
- Flyer will be ready in first week of August

2.Tentative event: Building A Studio Panel
Possibly holding event at a Long Island City studio
Hybrid modality (in-person and FB live)
Possible event date on last week of August or first week of September

3. Tentative event: Immersive Panel
Part 1 - Atmos vs. Ambisonics/Different immersive platforms and areas
Using NYU as a location
Planning for a September event
Panelists: Nathaniel, Chris (from Lodge), Denise, Pari
Denise and Pari will be speaking with Agnieszka and Paul Geluso as possible panelists
Hybrid modality

Part 2 - Atmos event (presented by Dolby)
Discussing Atmos updates, deliveries, experiences, room setup, user questions, etc.
May be held a week or two after Part 1
Can be an online-only event
Nathaniel will be reaching out to Dolby to get panelists

3. "Presentation of G.304" (Loudness Standard)
Being moderated by David Bialik
Can be a joint event with AES convention in October and a separate webinar event in November

4. Proposal idea by Roey about a "Album Made in NY" panel
Discusses an album created in NY
Speaking to individuals involved with the album on a panel

5. Proposal idea by Armand Jennings on Podcasts/Audio Dramas
A panel discussing podcasts/audio dramas

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