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Boston - July 10, 2023

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Agenda 7/10/23
Meeting notes

Bank Account (Dereck)
Dereck kicks off agenda with updates about bank account, awaiting official notice from AES to allow control over bank account to Dereck.
Selkie Scholarship update (Dereck, Malik)
Dereck kicks off agenda with updates about bank account, awaiting official notice from AES to allow control over bank account to Dereck. Angela Piva is working on said transition.
Malik and Dereck updates on Selkie scholarship - we discuss having 1100 dollars that already belongs to the retreat based on a letter from Tim ___ that will have to be transferred by us once access to funds is made.

Committee onboarding strategy, Roles and Responsibilities (Dan)
Dan begins by proposing potential roles and responsibilities for committee members (i.e making graphics, reaching out to locations for events, and other things related to planning events). Malik brings up that we should touch base with the folks who attended the first meeting last month, and ask if any of those members would like to contribute a specific role based on their strengths.
Malik agrees to reach out to all previous attendees of the meeting, thank them for coming, and let them know they are welcome to attend the next meeting.

Social Media presence, Instagram, next steps
Finding credentials to the BAES instagram account has been a dead end. Dan and Malik bring up the potential of contacting instagram but that also seems to be a dead end. We discuss wanting to avoid confusion with the old instagram account and how to address that, which could fix itself since the account has been dormant for years. For now, the focus shifts to where the engagement is, which is Facebook.

Social Events
Dorchester Brewing Company update (Malik)
Sinclair update (Otto, Dan)
Brainstorm networking night hosts

We circle back to the idea of having an event at the record co since they are willing - however we did want to expand to places that are more casual like a brewery. However, TRC provides a more affordable option since we could avoid having to rent a part of the business. This brings up the topic of donations which we want to be proactive about having a link to with our newsletter. Dan brings up this may also be a good role for a committee member. Again, this is pending Dereck's control of funds. QR codes, and Paypal account TBA.

Educational/Technical Events
Skill share for audio business owners (Dan)

For next meeting: announce two events one ticketed one as an "informal hang" most likely at a brewery where we would not have to worry about not having enough space for people to show up. Goal is announcement in one week from this date. We also propose having bi monthly events starting in the beginning of August.

Malik brings up "Industry night" at TRC in case we want to sort of piggy back off of that.

Potential spots for events:
Sonos - DF
Tufts - DF
PRX (50)
Zumix - DF
Arlington High School
The Record Co
New Alliance - OK
Q Division
Sinclair - OK

Dorset Hall - M
Lucys Tavern - M
Dorchester Brewing Company - M
Notch - OK

For next time we discuss getting involved with more presentation type events or skill sharing events, i.e accounting for self employed engineers, round table talks, etc.
Next meeting date TBA

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