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New York - June 13, 2023

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AES NY Section meeting notes 6.13.23
Parichat Songmuang/AES NY Section Secretary

1. Panel Ideas From Denise Barbarita and discussion with committee members:
Denise will be moderator
- how to build your own studio
- acousticians?
- hybrid - live and Facebook live
- location choices: Mercy College, Denise's studio, Andres' space (Eastside Sound)
- how to build a space - is it to be commercial? Costs? Logistics? Management? Shared/communal space management?
- immersive audio
- part I and II kind
- difference in platforms and personal struggles/experiences
- 3rd panel - talking about improvements — maybe getting Dolby to come and listen to user thoughts
- if 3 parts, should be announced that it's 3 parts, but don't have to plan exact date of part 2 and 3 yet
- maybe reaching out to Apple and talk about their immersive operations on their end (AR/VR)
- disclaimer that this is an intermediate discussion
- have a meeting with the panelists so we're on the same page and that they commit - min 4 panelists
- need panelists bio and photo for all events
2. Plan the Build Your Own Studio as first event

3. Andres Pollak & Roey Shamir-discussion re: event/panel at East Side Sound, to be continued

4. Denise Barbarita - will follow up with Recording Academy P&E wing?

5. Steve Ward will call Will Garrett/Power Station- reaching out to Spotify to try & set date for event

6. David Bialik —potential panels with Tina Weymouth and additional

7. A. Piva-will request to update officers and committee members on AES site

8. Need Financial report from Jeanne Montalvo Treasurer.

At Meeting:
Steve ward, Roey Shamir, Pari Songmuang, David Bialik, Andres Pollak, Robin Lai, Jim Julian, Armand Jennings, Angela Piva

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