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San Diego - November 13, 2022

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Bobby and Steve welcome the people and set agenda for the meeting
- Define and AES Section and procedure for starting a Section
- Read the bylaws
- Nominate temporary leadership positions
- Discussion about potential meeting and presentation topics

Bobby read through the bylaws, and we discussed implications. We added a couple amendments and then ratified them

We then nominated and appointed temporary leadership position with the intention to hold formal elections for these positions at general meeting in January.
- Chair - Steve Barsotti
- Vice-Chair — Bobby Bray
- Secretary/Treasurer — Mike Espar

A discussion about potential meeting topics then followed. (Apologies, the recording of the minutes for this discussion was not as thorough as we will be in the future)

Broaden reach to the professional industry sectors.
Not just student section, but an actual professional section.

Students interested in gaming. Getting representation from gaming would help with student interest.

We can double down on industry contacts. Company Alrad (genesis) sound weapons, really loud speaker system. Have anechoic chamber and open to tours. Has a person would be interest

SD Media pros. Great group to get involved. 48 hour film fest.

Used to have a section. Did events at Studio West, UCSD. Did a great job of keeping focus on event. We all are experiencing similar struggles with covid, technology changes, not taking SD seriously. A section would be great way to make that happen.

Concern about losing momentum over time. How do we maintain interest

We have experience in maintain event series. Leadership is key in keeping this.
Have a good couple few events always in the ready. Bring in new blood through students. Make it appealable to the students.

Events/meeting diversified

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