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Danish - March 7, 2023

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First event in the Danish section for a while but what a way to get restarted!

The full evening was dedicated to deep dives into little known facts about the loudspeaker surround. We are sure everyone left the event wiser and inspired. No surprise the number of participants stayed at peak level right until the end!

The presentations were:
1. Dry friction and hysteresis in loudspeaker surrounds by Rasmus Bølge Sørensen og Finn Agerkvist, DTU.
2. Simulation of Loudspeaker Drive Units by René Christensen, Acculution ApS.
3. Surround Radiation Distortion and How to Avoid it by Lars Risbo, PURIFI.

Presentations will be made available to AES members on our website.

Note that even the event was arranged by the Danish section, it was held in English on request from some of the participants.

We look forward to hosting more events for the Global audio community!

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