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Webster University - February 1, 2023

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It's been an eventful month for the AES student section at Webster University. February kicked off with the return of the Concert Series featuring Beekman, Slaazo Kidd, Tyrptamind, and AES's own Rashid Tutu as emcee. It was a groovy night, and a big thank you to everyone for making it amazing. As for other special events, February 17th marked the debut of the AES Student Section Movie Night! We hosted a screening of Speed Racer (2008) and its impressive use of audio/visual effects. It was a fun time and we're excited to watch and discuss other sonically impressive films.

For our weekly meetings, we first held a monthly pizza meeting where students were able to network and collaborate on upcoming projects or recordings. Next, we held a student showcase featuring Vice President LP Guterman's work in film audio and discussed both on-site and postproduction techniques of movies. Lastly, we talked about album aesthetics, had a fun time listening to unique tracks, and analyzed what recording techniques made each song so special.

With March and the Central Region Audio Student Summit just around the corner, it's hard NOT to be excited for the summit on the 31st! Submissions are already open for this year's Mix Competition and are due March 23rd, there will be great prizes and even greater feedback from industry professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!

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