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U.K. - January 25, 2022

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In games, films and virtual reality, we recreate the sounds around us, or create unreal sounds to evoke emotions and capture the imagination. But that creation relies on the use of pre-recorded samples. This can lead to repetition, and adaptation is limited to post-processing on those samples. This lack of plausible, generative sound often limits the richness and realism of the auditory scene.

But with procedural audio approaches, sound is synthesised in real-time and adapts to changing controls. The question arises; is procedural audio just an approach that can be applied for specialist uses with select sounds, or can all sounds in a large production be procedurally generated? Nemisindo is a start-up built around this vision. They aim to create almost any sound effect from scratch, in real-time, based on intuitive controls guided by the user. This talk will give an overview of the field, explanations and demonstrations of the technology, and a discussion of the challenges and directions currently being explored.

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