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Webster University - October 1, 2022

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And we're off! It is a wonderful new start here at Webster's AES chapter as we near fall break in a few weeks. We have certainly come a long way since years passed, and everything seems back to normal here on campus.

The Webster chapter of AES had the opportunity to meet with incoming students during freshman orientation. We had our own booth to recruit, tell freshmen all about the AES, and even try out a live mixing board. We continued to welcome freshmen as well as returning students during the Involvement Fair on August 31st and get others interested in what we do.

Our first general meeting kicked off on August 29th to pizza and friendly faces both new and old. So far, we've been getting to know students new to the AES, critique each other's mixes and projects, learn what makes our favorite songs so good, and much more! We also held our Concert Series on September 30th featuring Alex Dieckhouse, Skunk, and Blond Guru. We're so thankful for everyone who attended and all the bands' great tunes.

As October quickly approaches, our eyes turn towards future AES meetings exploring foley techniques and looking forward to the new studio space being operational this fall. We're also all thrilled for the AES convention taking place in New York this October. There is certainly a lot to be excited about in the coming months!

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