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Aural Escuela - August 10, 2022

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Within the framework of the Conteo AES LAC and under the hypothesis of whether it is possible to build a critical listening room (CLR) in Argentina, the project for the design and construction of a CLR for high-fidelity stereo audio systems was presented.
The presentation began contemplating the limitations of the project, such as the location, the available space and the budget, to later give rise to the analysis of the design premises that were intended to be validated, such as: maximizing the surface and volume of the room, and apply to the design criteria of the IEC 60268-13 and ITU-R BS.1116 standards.
Continuing with the presentation, the analysis of the installations was given, such as electricity and air flow.
Then it was mentioned that the construction typology chosen was the mass-spring-mass system on decoupled wood structure. In turn, the materials chosen to give mass to both partitions were detailed.
Finally, the design criterion chosen for the internal conditioning was described, mentioning that the entire surface of the walls and ceiling will be finished with projected cellulose. Although the room will be overabsorbed, then the TM can be uploaded with the front and rear diffusion arrangements, and with wooden side panels, panels that in turn will allow the geometry of the room to be modified, providing flexibility to the critical listening room.

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