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Japan - July 22, 2022

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Mr. Kensuke Matsui introduced the SSL Origin, an analog 32-ch inline mixing console. Each channel provides a PureDrive microphone amplifier, two stereo cues, four auxiliary channels, HPF & four-band parametric equalizer, and small and large faders. SSL Origin has been installed in many professional recording studios worldwide, especially in institutes of recording education. A video message from Mr. Niall Feldman, a designer of Origin, introduced designing features of the console, and described the size of the console to realize easy collaboration for several students, simple signal flow, connection to DAW, and an ecological viewpoint (low consumption of electrical power). Mr. Tatsuya Saegusa demonstrated the functions of the console, channel section, and center section. Mr. Kei Ono showed sound reproduction by operating each part of the channel section.
Mr. Kenji Ichio and Naoto Ito, educators in the Department of Music Creation at Kobe Institute of Computing, introduced the motives of installing Origin and the merits of using Origin for education, liberations from computer control, an intuitive look and feel, signal flow, and operation, moreover, excellent sound quality of SSL.
The meeting ends with discussions on a present and future state of education for sound recording and Q and A, with Mr. Kazuya Nagae joining the above speakers. They pointed out that the essential matte for audio education of recording are an easy-to-understand signal status and flows (block diagram of the circuit) and a physical operation corresponding to the sound production.

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