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Aural Escuela - July 8, 2022

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On Friday 8th, our section board members Martín Adrover and Diego Flores, with the technical support of Mariano Curcio, our comunnity manager, reunited in person in the school to develop an episode of our incoming AES-related podcast.

In this episode, we happily celebrated a zoom interview with Brayan Rodriguez, one of the student members that is a key piece in the actual scene of LATAM student sections.
Among other things, Brayan shared to us his story in the AES community, the things that influenced him to become a member, and his view of the actuality of the LATAM student activities.
We are very grateful with Brayan for the interview!

After the interview, the podcast turned into an interesting debate between Martín and Diego about the digital technical capacities of our present time and how that affect the way we develop art.

We look forward to record new episodes!

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