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Aural Escuela - May 24, 2022

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We discussed the state of the projects that were able to be presented at the LAC countdown. Three projects in particular were considered: The DIGRA (absorption panels) to be worked in a group modality, the acoustic design for a take room by Nicolas Fernandez and the design and construction of a Critical Listening Room by Sebastian Lamela.
We talked about the making of an appropriate abstract to present the projects.
Further on we organized the intersectional meeting that will come on June the 2th, where the schools of the region who had AES student sections will be gathered to prepare and organize a participation in the upcoming Latin American Conference next September.
We also talk about the need for a treasurer, and we vote for Juan Sestitni to take care of that charge. After this we divided the work for the production of the last meeting reports.
The next subject was the new International Networking Lounge, its organization and administration to keep it active, has well as how to generate link and communication between different parts of the world that have very different time zones in an effective way.
In the end we talked about the upcoming LATAM meeting where the president of the Student Section, Diego Flores will be part of.

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