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Aural Escuela - March 15, 2022

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Last Tuesday 15 the section held its first formal general meeting of the year. The gathering brought together the recently elected new board with the rest of the members, and of course, with the faculty advisor too.
Objectives of the upcoming agenda were fixed, so that the section prepares for the international, regional and local events that are planned.
An important topic of the meeting was the organization of the incoming encounters with Norway and Japan profesional sections, which will be held in the short term.
Considering that we met with Norway before, the approach of the contact will now be focused on working together. On the other hand, we are looking forward to meet Japan section members!
We also discussed about the projects that will take place in our section departments and the role they will play in the next to happen "CONTEO" of the "Latin American Conference" (LAC).
We're very excited about this year and the rich opportunities it will bring!

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