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Pacific Northwest - February 9, 2022

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PNW Section's February 2022 meeting was held on Zoom, and featured an introduction to the Reaper digital audio workstation program by Jam Phelps of Denk Studios, Durham NC USA. Reaper is commercial software with popular competitors, but is known for its low price, stability and full feature set.

Jam Phelps is a Mix Engineer, Music Producer and owner of Denk Studios in Durham, North Carolina USA. Her studio is focused on uplifting marginalized voices in music such as women and LGBTQ+ folks. She has been a musician for 28 years and loves crafting unique productions and imaginative mixes in a safe environment where creativity thrives. Jam has been featured on, Stories in Sound, The Music Executive podcast, and currently is a Waves Audio collaborating artist for Gear Fanatix.

Jam primarily did a live screen share of her Reaper window, starting with the very basics of opening, creating tracks, importing, routing, automation, interface customizing, MIDI and more. Only so much can be done in an introductory session, and the program is very full featured. So much so, that other attendees were soon sharing tips on doing tasks in Reaper. It also seems that the first version of the Presonus Faderport is the preferred external control surface. Many questions were posed (in Zoom Chat) and were moderated by PNW Committeeperson Angela Dane.

Attendees were then free to remain on the Zoom call for self introductions and chatting.

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