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Aural Escuela - November 5, 2021

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On November 5th, some members of AES-Aural Student Section discussed about the development and logistics of AES-Aural annual event Audio Expertos 2021. The format of this particular event was faced with a professional audiovisual approach, to make it more attractive to the viewers. The approach included the timing of every particular dissertation, and if it was going to be an already made video or a live dissertation. Each member of every department commented to the faculty advisor about their particular project, for example, Federico Morales talked about his home studio 2.0 dissertation with Julián Perasso and Adrián Corvalan, Martín Adrover about his Audio 3D dissertation with his department partners, Diego Flores about his head tracker project, Adrián Corvalan about the BAD diffuser project, and so on... Finally, we commented about the international contact we made on 2021 with Audio Engineering Society professional and student sections, and the students cleared out their doubts with his faculty advisor on this particular meeting.

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