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St. Poelten UAS Student - June 21, 2021

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By this new workshop format, Creative Media Summer School 2021 explores new auditory experiences in terms of 6 degree of freedom augmented audio environments. In recent years, Audiokinetic's Wave Works Interactive Sound Engine (Wwise) has become the leading middleware to develop sound and music environments for game and 3D applications. Advanced spatial audio features allow highly realistic auralizations of virtual scenarios that blend in perfectly to real world environments in augmented reality projects.

In a problem-based learning approach course participants will develop a still to be determined audio augmented reality application for mobile phones utilizing the Unity and Wwise platforms as well as audio production tools.

"To the power of four: St. Pölten Dome Square in Audio Augmented Reality":
A parking lot at present, the St. Pölten Dome Square (Domplatz) is one of the most evident historical sites of the area. A roman thermal bath mutates over time to a medieval chapel. A monastery and a parish church dominate the scene until the 17th century. Graveyards and latrine pits give evidence about different living habits at specific times.

Within the workshop of the Creative Media Summer School we will create a framework for an acoustic investigation of the historical layers of the square and develop one or more acoustic scenes to be experienced. This could be, for instance, an acoustic virtualization of the parish church, which is "entered" on site and allows the user to dive into an auditory environment of the time.

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