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Japan - September 18, 2021

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The 12th AES Basic Acoustic Seminar was held in September 2021. As in the previous year, the pros and cons of holding the seminar itself under serious situation due to coronavirus or the method of holding it were discussed, but as a result, the policy of holding the seminar online was decided and the seminar was held at almost the same scale as the previous year.

The Zoom webinar was held from September 18 (Sat.) to September 20 (Mon.), 2021. A wide range of audio-related topics were covered, including basic physical acoustics, electroacoustics, device design, room acoustics, and practical digital signal processing, by inviting leading professionals in their respective fields as lecturers.

Since the seminar was conducted online, and the "Master Class," which focused on hands-on practice and experience, was not held also in this year.

As in the previous year, the number of participants was limited to AES members and members of supporting member companies. Thanks to the cooperation of the participants, we were able to conduct the seminar without any major problems. In addition, the texts of some of the seminars were made available for download at a later date.

The number of registered participants was 142 (AES members: 71, students: 24, supporting members: 47).

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