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Argentina - June 24, 2021

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With the presence of Hernán Bazzano, Juan Paz and Carlos Laurenz on Thursday June 24, the webinar "Myths and truths of mastering for vinyl" was held. Framed in the "Month of Mastering" this talk came to light on a subject that is often elusive due to its own complexity.

The first section of the talk was marked by the format "Mastering Panel" and was intended to clarify the basic concepts that encompasses the third stage of musical production, the applied processes, what and how about the dynamics that are handled in the actuality and classification of the material with which one works in Argentina.

The "cutting" process of vinyl records was briefly explained as the talk was focused on the delivery format from the producer or record company. The concept of "premastering" for the vinyl record format, the use of limiters, the application of de-essers and phase correction were topics that were frequently discussed.

Throughout the meeting, the comparison of the different formats of both analogue and digital music distribution went around in the air and in the general spirit of this talk, highlighting on each occasion the "pros and cons".

Although different looks and looks were shared, the panel made up of Hernán Bazzano, Carlos Laurenz and Juan Paz concluded that both in analog and digital formats it is very important to maintain control over the profit structure and the dynamic range, if we talk about popular and academic music.

After the time allotted to respond to the various concerns of the attending public, a short guided tour of the vinyl cutting workshop was held, where Juan Paz defines the audio chain, the different links in the production chain and the general characteristics of this particular job.

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