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San Francisco - August 31, 2021

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So many of us have anticipated our return to live, in-person events. Members of the San Francisco section enjoyed our first in-person event since early 2020, among the first AES events to take place live since the lockdown, on August 26th, 2021.

Sound Designer (and AES SF Committee Member) Ken Felton and Co-Founder of Spatial Michael Plitkins opened up their facility to 30 current AES members. Along with the pleasure of seeing our friends for the first time in a long while, we were all impressed by the team at Spatial and their work in immersive audio.

Spatial has designed software capable of creating virtually any environment, for games, film, and live installations. The system is as unique as the soundscapes it helps create, with options for random elements as well as static ones, and conforming to the number of people in the room, their positioning, and of course the characteristics of the room.

We moved in small groups through four different scenes. Our tour guides were informative and interesting, as this emerging technology continues to improve and simplify the process for the end user.

Thank you to the staff at Spatial for a great event and a wonderful opportunity to learn quite a bit while seeing each other for the first time in a long time.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Gottlieb

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