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Atlanta - June 12, 2021

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This event featured a moderator and speakers with a vast knowledge of location and production sound, across many roles, who have worked on many noteworthy projects.
Glen explained the definition of 'location sound' and 'production sound'.
The speakers covered many topics:
• how they entered the field
• whether or not they were initially interested in or planned for a career in sound
• how they grew into where they are now from other positions or careers
• other ways to enter the field
• some of the roles (boom operator, utilities, A1, A2, etc) and brief explanations of each
• their day-to-day duties and the skills needed to perform those duties
• the need to be flexible and why it's important to be able to be proficient in multiple roles
• the importance of soft skills — the ability to build relationships, and communicate and work well with everyone involved, and to take care of team members
• the different production types (movie, scripted, reality, commercials) and the concept of professional audio in each one
• microphone techniques and gear setup

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