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Ecuador - May 19, 2021

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We had 3 days of webinars with over 20 international and Ecuadorian speakers. It was an open event for members and non-members from around the world. Some of our speakers were:

- AES high authorities.
- Professors from the local universities: INCINE, Universidad de las Américas, Universidad de las Artes, and Universidad San Francisco de Quito.
- Brands like: Sennheiser, Genelec, Meyer Sound, SoundPLAN, Eventide, Native Instruments, Yamaha, and Telefunken.
- And other guests like IAS, Elis Mejia, Mix Like a Girl, and SAYCE.

As this was a virtual event, we wanted to add a platform that allowed people to network. We used "Wonder" for this purpose which is a free tool that allows people to chat and video chat. We recommend it to other sections.

Besides the main event, we had the mixing competition final presentation and award event. The competition started in March and it was open for Ecuadorian students and people from other nationalities that study in Ecuador.

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