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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - May 27, 2021

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On Thursday, May 27, 2021, TAMABA music teacher and producer Sergio Paoletti was invited by the Student Section to talk about the use of reverberation time in music production.

The webinar called "Creating spaces in the mix" lasted more than 90 minutes in which different topics related to audio mixing were addressed.

The talk began with a brief introduction on the "history of reverberations", providing in each case a description of the timbral characteristics of each one. Hall, Chamber, Spring, Plate or convolution were explained and described down to the last detail.

Through different diagrams, the different utilities of the parallel process with this type of effects were explained and the students were invited to carry out a "blind test".

After the space dedicated to the questions of the attendees, Sergio Paoletti gave a demonstration of how he creates and recreates acoustic spaces within the audio production, attending mainly to the artistic demand of the work.

He demonstrated the use of the reverb effect in Chamber mode applied to vocals and guitars in a ballad.
He then went on to demonstrate the use of "Hall" and "Plate" reverbs to recreate the atmosphere of a nightclub, and described how he applies the "layer upon layer of sound" concept that he uses to achieve this.

After the example on Blues music, it was the turn of the guitars and the voices of a rock band, in which different artistic interventions were made to culminate in tests suggested by the students.

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