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Aural Escuela - April 26, 2021

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Last Monday, April 26, 2021, members of the "Audio & Electroacoustics" department of the AES Aural Student Section in Buenos Aires, Argentina, had a meeting to revisit ongoing projects and propose potential new ideas for the work of the year.
First, we talk about the possibilities to intervene an old Revox A77 analog tape machine in order to make it work like an analog delay machine whit specific characteristics, using two previous designs as an inspiration: the old "Echoplex" (EP-3, EP-4) and "The Cooper Time Machine" of Universal Audio, looking to obtain an optimal, tunable system in conjunction whit the preamplifier to generate changes in the timbral and spatial response for submastering / mastering applications.
Also, we debate for the current status of the ongoing projects like our first order Ambisonics microphone, the construction of the tunable-capacitive microphone 2.0 and the new ideas, like the dodecahedron speaker and related. With all the reviews of each project in particular, we consider to re-read bibliography and the existent notes in order to decide what projects are more viable to develop.

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