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Portugal - January 23, 2021

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The Audio Engineering Portuguese Association (APEA), which is the legal embodiment of the Portuguese Section of the Audio Engineering Society, held its 23rd meeting on January 23, 2021.

The meeting was hosted by ESMAE-IPP, the School of Music and Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the main organizer was Marco Conceição, a long-standing AES and APEA member, and professor at ESMAE. Marco Conceição and the current APEA President (Salviano Soares) put forward an ambitious one-day meeting program under the theme of "Audio Archiving". The first part of meeting program was structured as a panel of 6 invited communications on archiving-related topics, and a panel of 5 communications on various audio-related topics, including a presentation of the Brazilian Section of the AES (see the detailed report).

A round table on "Audio Archiving in Portugal — past, present and future" took place at the end of the meeting, just before the APEA General Assembly.
José Vieira, a former APEA President, professor and Pro-Dean at the University of Aveiro was the moderator and the panelists included Bruno Pereira (ESMAE-IPP), Gilberto Bernardes (U.Porto), Isac Raimundo (U.Aveiro), Pedro Félix (Portuguese Sound Achive), Rui Penha (ESMAE-IPP), Susana Sardo (U.Aveiro), and Nadja Wallaszkovits (Phonogrammarchiv, and former 2019 AES President). Many interesting points of view were exchanged with reference to past events and lessons learned on the safeguard of audiovisual heritage. Problems and solutions were also debated with the audience.

The APEA General Assembly too place at the end of meeting and the main item in the agenda was the signing of two collaboration protocols. The first protocol, between APEA and the Avanca Cine-Club aims at motivating academic collaboration and stimulating the active participation of APEA members in several Avanca Cine-Club events.
The second collaboration protocol was established between APEA and the installation commission of the Portuguese Sound Archive which was headed by Pedro Félix on a mandate by the Portuguese Government. The main objectives of this collaboration include technical advice on technologies, engineering procedures and good practices that relate to sound archiving.
During the General Assembly, ideas and plans for the next APEA meeting were also addressed including venue and time, the need to incorporate more musical-orientated moments, the need to devise and implement initiatives bringing more students to AES and APEA taking advantage, for example, of the dynamics being created by the two collaboration protocols just signed.

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