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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 4, 2021

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The Thursday night meeting tonight was with Ben Thompkins who is the international sells rep for Warm Audio. Tonight he came in and talked to the students for a little while, starting with an introduction of himself. Ben told his story and how he had worked for a few different manufacturers. Dave the CRAS AES facility advisor asked a few questions and got Ben talking.

At one point there was a loud pop that was heard, however it was ignored due to zoom sometimes having these anomalous occurrences. A moment later when Ben went to talk he wasn't heard at all. Ben excused himself for a moment and the students watched as he troubleshooted to figure out what had happened. After a moment Ben returned and explained what had happened. Ben explained that his cat had hit the off switch of his microphone.

A good laugh was had by all who attended before the meeting returned to being back on track. The Q and A started to turn towards the new releases that Warm just announced that they were going into cables. From here the conversation and questions started to go towards what else Warm was thinking of going into.

This started a brain storming session between all who were in the meeting; topics included studio monitors, preamps, vocal compressors, and finally a modular control surface. This discussion lasted about an hour and had input from students and teachers on what they would like to see.

The session started to wrap up and Ben Thompkin's was thanked by everyone before he logged off. Just as the meeting was starting to wrap up an alumni spoke up. It turns out that Patrick Martin was on the call and he is currently at Blackbird studios. Dave Khor started to ask Patrick a few questions about his experiences as an intern for Blackbird studios, as well as a few student questions peppered in. It was agreed that Patrick would come on at a later date and he mentioned a couple of other grads that were at the studio as well and it was discussed that a panel with the three of them would be appreciated.

From here the meeting was shut down and everyone said goodnight before they adjourned for the evening and the rest of the week.

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