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Aural Escuela - March 19, 2021

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At the meeting held on 19 March 2021 the topics covered were consistent with various themes. First of all, the status of the mixing works concerning the mixing competition and the status of the individual works were discussed.
On the other hand, the structuring of each department and the nature of the next meetings were debated. The modus operandi of each department referred to how they are organized internally, with a head of department who has the task of organizing the meetings, choosing the individual and group projects, the long and short term objectives and the way of working.
The calls for the April meetings were designated to the heads of department, 3D Audio Martin Adrover, Acoustics and Perception Nicolas Fernandez and Mauro Pires in Audio and Electroacoustics. As for the 3D Audio department, the possibilities of various works, soundscapes, technical and artistic possibilities of future projects were discussed. In the department of Acoustics and Perception we talked about the projects of resistive calculation, home studio optimization, and diffusers with absorbers among as well as experimental possibilities for the perceptual part of the department.
In the Audio and Electroacoustics department, the projects of capacitive microphone and the Ambisonics microphone were discussed. The possibility of this department to be in charge of the engineering part of the experiments that can be carried out in other departments was thought as a possibility for helping the development of the other projects.
In the second part of the meeting the discussion was about the international contacts to be faced this year, both from the organization of each individual contact chosen by the students, as well as the relevance of each Section at the continental level, the possible projects and resources to share to different Sections, as well as the work made by them and its possible relevancy in connection us. We discussed and reviewed the status of the other sections on the AES website and began the selection in regional terms. The meeting ended with the task of closing the election for possible contacts and the division of this task to the students, as well as the holding of monthly meetings, rigorously carried out and reported to generate a consistent and periodic record of the work, scheduled by the heads of the departments, and within these meetings to define the projects to be undertaken during the year in short and long term.

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