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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 25, 2021

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The meeting started with Ryan talking about himself and asking the students where they were at in the program. He then went on to explain his journey in the audio industry and how he landed the job at Rode Microphones.

From here Ryan talked about this job and while he loved the Rode products they weren't always the best products for the job. However most of the time, some of the models had the same frequency responses of similar more high-end microphones for a fraction of the price. This however is because the mics were not hand-wired, in one example, but were instead engraved by lasers to get a similar effect, albeit a much less expensive effect.

This is when students started to ask a couple of questions and Ryan answered them honestly and with no hesitation even being quoted as saying "That's a good question", more than once. Once the questions were done the meeting started to wind down as it had already been an hour, while Ryan had said he would stay as long as he needed too, the students were satisfied and even slightly mystified with Rode. Many of them seemingly had plans to go and look at or work with the Rode Microphones that the school possessed.

It was at this point old photos from the school's Facebook were shown. These photographs revealed past events pre-COVID-19 where the AES had meetings in person. Including having Rode out to demo the microphones they had brought (more than 100 pounds in this event). Images included tracking and mixing sessions; photographs of staff with Ryan, the products, or even standing above the boxes the equipment arrived at the school in. Lastly, the final image shown for the evening was of the AES chapter that was in office when this event took place with Ryan when he had visited the school for this trip.

Thanks were given and the meeting adjourned for the evening, with the promise that a new meeting would be held Monday the first.

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