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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 1, 2021

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Meeting began with Dave welcoming everyone in and starting the meeting off with an ice breaker question. The question for this week was if you played any instruments as well as a brief introduction. Once this was done and everyone had gone, the meeting fully started, this week the meeting was just about the resources that the AES had for the student body as well as how they could add their name to the list of student musicians on the CRAS student portal. This was lead by the facility advisor for the student section of the AES, Dave Khor.

The meeting then went on with Dave explaining the different offerings the AES had for students and how the student chapter has plans to get the society back to what they were pre-COVID- 19. Offerings included past school attendees as well as different companies coming in and offering certifications. Plans were also revealed for future meetings which include a Rednet certification, as well as CRAS Grad Steve Kovacs and Rode Microphones to list just a few.

From there the meeting went to the positions the AES had open and what the responsibilities were. This included the chair position that was already held by both Mackenzie Blair and Andrew Castillo. The topic of discussion then turned to the AES newsletter and how there is a spot for someone to write and organize the newsletter as well as the perk of the writer getting their name out to the staff.

The meeting then adjourned and the majority of the students left. A few stayed behind to talk about plans for the AES and then the meeting was officially over.

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