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St. Louis - May 19, 2019

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The Chairman's Report was presented by Bill Schulenburg.
• AES St. Louis Section members continue to join in other organizations in the area, including events with the Acoustical Society and the Recording Academy.
o Noise Awareness Day was April 24, 2019 and to celebrate on Friday April 26, the Acoustic Society conducted a "soundwalk" taking decibel measurements of Queeny Park.
o On March 28, 2019, the Recording Academy held a mixer for St. Louis members.
• Webster University Central Regional Audio Student Summit was held March 29-31, 2019 and was a overall success. There were a record number 54 presenters, including [Name], that the AES St. Louis Section was able to fly in to be available to present.
• Webster University Student Section Officer Election results were announced with Hannah Gallop serving as president and Drew Brodsky as vice-president.

The Vice-Chair Report was presented by Paul Hennerich.
• More awareness of the presence of the St. Louis Section of AES is warranted. Discussion of an event to bring awareness of our Section was opened to the floor for ideas.
o Location suggestion of Columbia, MO with a workshop and hearing clinic purposed. Suggested timing around the state music competition held in Columbia and possibly working with the Communications Department of MIZZOU.
o Members can send suggestions to Paul Hennerich: [email protected]

The Treasurer Report was presented by RobSchlette.
• "just under $200"

The Event Committee Reports was presented by Josh Harris.
• The plan is to hold a member only event minimally once per quarter.
• Currently planning an event at Jazz St. Louis in early August.
• An event at Powell Hall is being worked on with logistical details being addressed, but possibly for the fall.

The Outreach Committee Report was presented by Kayla Rogers.
• Send any pictures you would like to see posted on on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to Kayla.
• Send any interesting articles, events, or news to Kayla for posting with the current goal being to diversify our social media content.

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