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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 11, 2021

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Meeting started with Andrew and Mackenzie talking to the only non-member that showed up. The conversion was about the school and then turned to AES and all that it had to offer. Membership was explained and the website was shown off a small bit.

From here Greg Truit showed off his Behringer Multicom Pro that he had managed to thrift from Ebay. The conversation then turned to what the other members had, and headphones became the next topic of conversation as two members were not wearing the headphones the school provided. They included a pair of Audio Technica, and a pair of Skull Candy Venues.

Mackenzie then shared a video on Blackbird Studios as a way to introduce the non-member to what the AES does in some meetings in a modified tip of the week. The video was just under 8 minutes and was found on youtube.

From here the meeting then went into a game of Kahoot, the subject matter was on the school itself. The game was played and then the meeting ended. It lasted an hour in length due to the small attendance

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