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U.K. - November 24, 2009

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* An interview with Neville Thiele (MP3 Audio - Length: 1:42:23)


Neville Thiele's name is known to anyone who has ever taken an interest in the practical design of moving coil loudspeakers, through the Thiele-Small parameters that bear his name and that of Richard Small. In 1961 he wrote a seminal paper on the design of vented (reflex) loudspeakers that — although it was largely ignored for 10 years until reproduced in the AES Journal -- is now acknowledged as initiating the filter parameter based approach to loudspeaker analysis and synthesis which today is routinely used by the audio industry at large. In recognition of this, in 1994 he was awarded the AES Silver Medal.

In this interview-based lecture, Neville Thiele will talk about what led up to this breakthrough and its significance to the speaker design process. He will then give three short presentations on loudspeaker-related topics: filter-assisted bass alignments and novel crossover approaches; driver ageing effects; and driver impedance correction in crossover networks. Questions will then be invited from the audience.

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