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Pennsylvania State University - September 24, 2020

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Sound exposure and noise pollution due to large outdoor (and sometimes indoor) entertainment events has become increasingly problematic, with a significant number of festivals and other events taking place in centrally-located areas that are often under strict noise regulations. The AES Technical Committee on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement formed a working group in 2018 to examine this issue, resulting in AES Technical Document AESTD1007.1.20-05, published in May 2020. In this talk, the group's findings will be presented, covering areas such as audience sound exposure (including information on the WHO's Make Listening Safe initiative), annoyance due to music-based noise pollution, current regulations/guidelines, practical prediction and measurement techniques, and sound system design (primary and secondary) for safe exposure levels and limited noise spill, all while maintaining a high-quality listening experience.

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