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Aural Escuela - December 9, 2020

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On Thursday December 9, 8PM Buenos Aires Time, AES LATAM hosted a masterclass with virtuoso electro-acoustic violist Martha Mooke, featuring the presence of Carla Gatica as moderator, Brayan Rodriguez as AES Latin America Student Section representative and David Acosta as Eventide representative.
Martha Mooke (Eventide and Yamaha artist) transcends the musical frontiers. She first started learning classical music, and then moved towards to a contemporary setting using loops and digital processing techniques. She played/recorded with Barbra Streisand, Peter Gabriel, Andrea Boccelli, Elton John, David Bowie, and many more.
Once started the masterclass, she briefly introduced herself and started playing a piece using effects and loops. Then she started telling the audience about her 5-string Yamaha viola, which is quite unusual (violas normally have 4 strings).
Later, at her New Jersey's studio, Martha showed her pedalboard, which consists of Eventide pedals, a looper to create sound layers and an expression pedal.
Then she showed to the audience the score of her last album "No Ordinary Window" and explained the performance notes required to play her compositions. Martha stated that her musical approach is open-minded and is based on sound textures rather than harmonic structures.
Afterwards, she recorded herself improvising through a modern tango piece recorded at Escuela Aural.
Thanks to Martha, AES Latin America Student Section, Escuela Aural and everybody who came in live in Zoom!

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