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Aural Escuela - November 28, 2020

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On Saturday November 28, 6PM Buenos Aires Time, Audio Expertos 2020 gave us the last talk by guest-speakers, regional experts called specifically for the occasion. Closing the event, we had Pablo Di Liscia with Resources for the Space Design on Sonic Art.

Composer, developer, researcher and writer, Pablo Di Liscia is a long-time academic referent in Argentina on both sonic art & sound space research, actually on directing STSEAS program at UNQ. He was presented both by the Faculty Advisor and Federico López, AURAL Vice-Academic Director and Auxiliary Advisor in our section.

After, Pablo defined acoustic space perception from different perspectives (audiovisual industry vs sonic art) with focus on sound localization, distance and of course, the immersive aspects related, putting focus on making artificial tension as a game, a way to make sonic art with unreal source and environment capabilities, only real on sonic art perhaps. With or without natural sources, the illusion of space synthesis goes that way, so he showed several examples from the 70's till today, along with the necessary theoretical ground needed to understand the use of resources and techniques related (perceptual grouping, container-content relation, congruent-incongruent source relations, partitions on the time and frequency domains and other several concepts related). Also, he recommended a solid body of work were these resources can be listened, along with answering all the questions with great detail. Pablo: thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge with all the community! In this time when working in 3D demands this kind of know how to do better mixes and sound design, this kind of presentations gave a lot to current and incipient professionals related.

Thanks to everybody who came in live, in Zoom and Youtube! The link is here:

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