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Aural Escuela - October 20, 2020

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For the first time since our only presential meeting this year —the first one exactly, in March -- we've gathered all together in Zoom in order to pass through all the important subjects concerning Audio Expertos 2020, 2das Jornadas de Divulgación Sobre Sonido, taking place virtually from November 23 to 28. These were:
1) General aspects: the first three days will be assigned for our section members, the later three for the experts invited. In each three-hour talk, a final space of half an hour for a Q&A section will be assigned. The faculty advisor will be moderating.
2) Schedule, Speakers & Topics confirmation:
Monday, November 23, 3PM Buenos Aires time: 3D Audio & Soundscapes Department presentation. Diego Flores, Carla Gatica, David Joya, Julián Perasso and Martin Adrover. Creación de paisajes sonoros y música en Ambisonics.
Tuesday, November 24, 7PM Buenos Aires time: Audio & Electroacustics Department presentation. Mauro Pires, Federico López and Josefina Martino. Diseño de un micrófono capacitivo sintonizable - El sonido dentro del hacer audiovisual.
Wednesday, November 25, 3PM Buenos Aires time: Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department. Federico Morales, Julián Perasso, Julián Ochat, Diego Flores, Nicolás Fernández and Federico Lorenzo Martín. Optimización del entorno acústico en Home Studios — Cálculo de rendimiento de absorbentes porosos -- Entrenamiento en la localización espacial.
Thursday, November 26, 3PM Buenos Aires time: Indio Gauvron (AES Argentina, AdAA) — El Espacio Acústico: La Frontera Final (Acoustic Space: The Final Frontier).
Friday, November 27, 7PM Buenos Aires time: Ramiro Vergara (LAPSO UNQ-CONICET) — Experimentos Psicofísicos para Entender el Espacio Sonoro (Psychophysical Experiments on the Understanding Of The Sounding Space).
Saturday, November 28, 6PM Buenos Aires time: Pablo Di Liscia (STSEAS UNQ-UNA) — Recursos Para el Diseño del Espacio en el Arte Sonoro (Resources for Space Design on Sonic Art).
3) The scheduling for meetings and individual work related to the event, including all active section members, as a well as streaming tests and promotion.
4) A survey of how work is going so far (what is done, what is needed to be done, etc.)
Audio Expertos 2020, here we go!

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