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Chicago - September 22, 2020

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In this presentation, Michael Pettersen will cover two notable products from Shure's history. The Shure SM58 is arguably the most popular vocal microphone in the world. Learn about the developments that led to the SM58 and the Shure associates that designed it. Also hear fascinating SM58 facts and about its use by famous performers.

The Shure Vagabond 88 Wireless Mic System — Introduced in 1953 using miniature vacuum tube technology, was the world's first wireless mic system with a handheld transmitter. Sold until 1960, the Vagabond introduced the wireless mic concept to TV broadcasting and to a small town in the Nevada desert: Las Vegas.

Fascinated by music, sound, and audio technology since building a crystal radio set as a lad, Michael Pettersen is the Director of Corporate History. Employed by Shure Incorporated since 1976, he is a contributing author to the 1,550 page reference tome "Handbook for Sound Engineers" as well as the sole author of numerous pro audio technical papers. He has written many technical "white papers" and presented the papers for: Acoustical Society of America, European Acoustical Association, Audio Engineering Society, National Association of Broadcasters, National Council of Acoustical Consultants, National Sound Contractors Association, Voice of America, White House Communications Agency, and Architect of the Capitol.

In his personal life, Michael is a professional musician, published composer of choral arrangements, co-author of a biography about jazz guitarist Freddie Green, and a notorious raconteur.

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