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Aural Escuela - September 22, 2020

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To the past Thursday September 10, 2020 the students of the Aural, AES Student section from Bs. As. Argentina, as part of the "Countdown for the AES LAC 2020" we organize the content to offer on one of the dissertation days, precisely on the countdown N°4 previous to AES LAC 2020. These countdowns are were organized self summoned by several Latin American AES Student Sections prior to the main regional conference.
In this delivery of the countdown we had the honor of bringing a reference in the culture of sound and musical production, not only of Argentinean national works, but also with a wide trajectory of international recognition, the audio engineer and sound producer Ariel Lavigna.
Ariel is Professor and author of the study programs of the Recording Department of the Art and Technology Center (CEARTEC), belonging to the career of Superior Sound Technician specialized in Recording and Music Production. Since 1996 he has been in charge of the chairs of Recording Techniques, Recording Practice, Sound Concepts and Mixing Techniques.
Among his most recognized participations, he has recorded several albums nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards® and several nominations for Gardel awards. We find him in works such as "Tango" by Rubén Blades, "Sed" by La triple Nelson, "Cantora" by Mercedes Sosa, the restoration and remastering of "La grasa de las capitales" by Seru Giran, among other very important works as well as musical recordings for film. He currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he is working as a freelancer in his home studio "Nomade MIX".
In this meeting organized by the student section AES Aural, we elect a topic called "Creativity focused on the mix and the music production". The interview was based on questions previously maded by some students of our section in concordance with the experience and work of Ariel Lavigna in the course of his professional career, both as an audio engineer and music producer.
The event had a duration time of two hours and with an assistance of 45 participants, approximately, all from several different parts of Latin America.

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