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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 28, 2020

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Announcements: Thursday's Guest Sydney Kearney who is now the Operations Manager for East/West Studios

Soldering Lab: Now open for students. Students will be given a make your own microphone kit.

New: Tuesday night Plug In Zoom with John Connell

Wednesday: Last day for Gianni Del Franco's Wellness Series

Tip of the Week: Andrew's tip of the week

Telefunken mixing stems/multitracks. Andrew gave a great overview of Telefunken, how and why it's helpful to use the tracks and did a brief, effective walkthrough of the website. The reaction in AES chat lit up with other resources for mixing stems. Great Tip and topic for getting people engaged.

Gear Show and Tell: I think this segment being replaced may make more students engage. Will Share ideas at next board meeting.

A few people shared, but the conversation turned from gear to books, which is excellent but, I see 2 sides to this segment and think the general reaction speaks louder than people showing gear.


Don Salter

Saltmine Studio

Arean Rahbari interviewed Don Salter.

Don shared some funny stories about clients, flip flops, expectations of interns, the importance of cleanliness in the studio and gave high praise to the satisfaction of the CRAS students that have interned and worked for him.

He gave a lot of insight to studio life and the history/ mission of Saltmine. Don gave his number and welcomed us to text and schedule a tour.

CRAS Grads & Students on internship. L.A, Utah, NYC.

Grads& Students Shared their experience so far with getting the internship they have and how Covid impacted the industry. They talked about where they thought they would be and where they ended up, adjusting to the city they moved to and the journey of getting their internships.

They gave resources for things to look at as students, such as facilities hiring and websites with credits listed.

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