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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 24, 2020

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Teamwork. This was the theme for this week's theme at CRAS AES as students continue to connect and encourage each other in these interesting times.

Beginning with a welcome from our AES section chair, Julianna welcomes are new CRAS students to both the school and to AES. Inviting students to become active student members of AES, she gives a quick introduction of the organization as well as how CRAS AES fits within overall organization. Next, presents our question of the week, "What app should everyone have on their phone?" before passing the floor to Michael for announcements.

We have two main events this week. First, the zoom meeting with Sylvia Massy as she gives a tour of her Microphone Treasury Museum held Tuesday night. Next, a PAMA event, "Career Opportunities in Pro Audio Product Companies." Both are continued opportunities for students to learn, grow, and connect in the pro audio industry.

Our theme this week is inspired by our guest speaker, Martin Leeuwner, who owns his own media company and has done everything from camera work to lighting to broadcast color correction and corporate events technical directing.

After a brief introduction of himself, Martin begins by sharing a story of a specific corporate event in which he had to run solo in one of the medium-sized meeting rooms. He completed the entire setup for lighting, multimedia, and audio for the room but was struggling to find a single unwanted frequency. Rather than ignore the issue, he reaches out to the head of production who has been described by others as a "less than friendly" person. Still, Martin knew he needed help, and that's what he did... he reached out for help. The response from this ogre of a boss surprised Martin and taught him a lesson that he carries with him to this day. Birdie, as he was called, told Martin that he'd been running this business for over 25 years, and Martin was the first person to ever ask him for help. From that point on, Martin was able to glean years of wisdom and experience in multiple aspects of the A/V industry, and it showed him the significance of teamwork.

Martin's approach is simple. We cannot do everything. We do not know everything. Be humble, serve one another, and rely on each other. He encouraged students to do this both in the industry as well as in our lives outside of pro audio.

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