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Aural Escuela - August 6, 2020

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Last Thursday, August 6th, we had a double privilege as a section: 1) we've been invited to the awesome AES Argentina professional section Webinar Cycle and 2) moderated by Indio Gauvron, one of the most important audio educators in Latin America and a long-time AES member of our professional section.

The AES Argentina Webinar Cycle began on April 2, and since then on every Thursday morning on this new "reality" they gave to all our community great things: not only the sharing of knowledge with passion, but somehow also the possibility of connect and interact -vital acts in this particular pandemic situation-. We formed part of the 19th edition. Check all of them in Audio Engineering Argentina Youtube Channel!

Above all, the one who writes this wants to thank Indio for his introductory words. He's such an inspiration not only for me, I think nearly two-generations of audio professionals here in Argentina had him as a top-of-the-game reference in audio and acoustics. Indio, please remember: before Newton's first law the "big bang" happened, and you're the "big bang" here!

Our board (Carla Gatica —Chair-, Mauro Pires —Vice Chair-, Julián Ochat —Secretary- and Christian Tritz —Treasurer-) had the opportunity to tell the audience about the history of our section from our very beginning, and also about the growing of them as incipient audio professionals -not only as advanced students- simply because of being involved in the section activities. Also, representing all of current and past members, they described present and future of the student research projects of Aural AES Student Section.

Thank you Carla, Mauro, Julián and Christian!


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