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Aural Escuela - July 30, 2020

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Last Thursday two members of our section, Julián Ochat and Diego Flores, did the second internal AES Student Section webinar for all the AURAL community (for students, members and graduates. The topic was Acoustics in the Home Studio, and it consisted in an introduction to acoustics in general (the essential physical concepts) and specifically the room acoustics, concerning both isolation and internal treatment, based on the three available models of coverage: resonances, RT60 and rays, all concerning usual situations in the home/project studio environment, focused on giving concepts to enhance the work conditions both on recording and mixing.
In a total attendance of 61 participants, being the most of it students of initial levels on all of the courses, it was a great opportunity to show what AES is, an what it does to this advanced students: Julián and Diego, who did a wonderful job conducting a webinar and teaching for the first time! Julián is a long-time section member -from the very beginning in 2018-, graduate of all the school courses. Diego, on the other side, joined in 2019 and is an important member not only in Acoustics but also in the 3D Audio area. Both had a great work not only showing concepts, but also responding to the final Q&A section of the webinar.
This talk will be for all the audio community in the very near future, and also this internal cycle will continue with other pair of our members talking about other topics.

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