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Spanish - April 28, 2020

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Last May, a new meeting of AES Spain was organized with an interesting Q&A with the prestigious Spanish engineer and producer Tomi Pérez. Tomi has worked with renowned artists such as Miguel Poveda, Nena Daconte, Efecto Pasillo, Pablo López, David Otero or Maldita Nerea, establishing himself as one of the most successful engineer-producers in the current scene of the Spanish recording industry. Interviewed by the mastering engineer Miguel A. González, interesting debates arise such as the ITB mix versus OTB. Tomi is a faithful defender of digital technology and in his current approach to production he sees less and less sense of the real contribution of outboard devices. Interesting review of the analog era and the pros and cons of the current digital context. We have gone from a reduced number of tracks, limited by the capacity of the 24-track tape recorders, to normalize work with more than 100 tracks for a recording project. For Tomi Pérez, the technological evolution democratizes the access to the world of production and constitutes a source that generates new styles and, of course, new working methods. The video can be viewed in its entirety through our YouTube channel:

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