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Spanish - October 10, 2019

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On October 10, AES Spanish section organized a moving tribute to one of the most relevant audio engineers in the history of Spanish recording. Fellow professionals such as musicians, arrangers, directors, engineers and producers paid this emotional tribute both in person and through videos: El Barrio, Eduardo Leiva, Raúl Marcos, Eduardo Pastor, Juan Carlos Ramírez Llach, Antonio Olariaga, Pepe Nieto, Pepe Sánchez, José María Guzmán, Benny Gil, Jesús N. Gómez, Sergio Dalma, Roberto Rodríguez, Enrique Rielo, Rafa Jiménez or Dúo Dinámico. Juan Vinader developed his professional career in large recording studios like Kirios, Sonoland or Eurosonic and is an indispensable piece to understand the sound that we associate with international artists like Julio Iglesias. As Ramón de la Calva commented in the tribute "being with him in the studio gave you encouragement, gave you security and things always went well." The event was organized by Suso Ramallo and Michel Martín at the AIE facilities. May this tribute serve to preserve the legacy of this important engineer in our recording history. The video can be viewed in its entirety on the AES Spain YouTube channel:

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