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Aural Escuela - May 22, 2020

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On Friday May 22, through a Zoom videoconference, our available Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department members gathered to talk about the subjects concerning the concepts presented on the last meeting.
Later, Ochat presented a work plan for June, reuniting the concepts learned last month. It consists of calculating reverberation on each home studio of the members: nominal reverberation time (Tm) -using the Rettinger formula- and T60 using Norris-Eyring, with a previously calculated average absorption coefficient. Comparing both numbers will allow the home studio owners to know how close or how near or how far they are from an optimum RT60 value —at least preliminary.
On the other hand, Martin presented a research project related to sound localization training. Based on previously curated bibliography and an analysis of past researches, the main objectives of the project are: describe and compare experiment results in which different subject training techniques were implemented for sound localization and cross their results with specific studies in which personalized HRTF were the main variable. These perhaps will allow to develop a training method -who may provide the necessary sensorial proprioceptive feedback- using Ambisonics plugins controlled via OSC from smartphones.
Finally, Tritz showed us the work in progress from the analysis being made on the BRIR's (Binaural Room Impulse Responses) taken last year in our octophonic setup.

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