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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 30, 2020

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Dave Casey visited the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to give the students an introduction to updated Universal Audio gear. Casey said "UA goes the extra mile to make our plugins better" following up, speaking on how UA works with specific outboard gear companies to make plugins that sound just like the actual gear. He then gave a run through of a few UA products, such as the ARROW interface, saying it is in an introductory interface with 2 channels. We then looked at interfaces such as the Apollo Twin MKII and the ApolloX4, followed by the rack mount Apollo X, with hexa-core DSP and upgraded A/D & D/A conversion. Casey said, "Make it easy, make it powerful, and make it inspiring," is one of UA's mottos when it comes to analog and digital gear. He continued on to present the OX, UAD Live Rack, TUAD-2 Thunderbolt and more. Casey said "We try to make plug ins of the hardware that students will be put in front of," while running the group through several UA plug-ins, including the Thermionic Culture Vulture. Luna, Universal Audio's new DAW, was presented last. Built with neve summing, it introduces extensions, a multitrack-tape-integrated-mix-engine, and more brilliantly created features

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